In the world of marketing strategy, Laura’s specialty can be found in the center of where traditional, digital, and social media meet. Always aware of how and when to appropriately dial up the right channels with the right spend, she is who you want in the room when you need to make sense of the wildly changing world of media. Laura consistently seeks out best-in-class practices and trends for new marketing and advertising tactics to connect advertisers with their customers. With a variety of experience spanning 20+ years across retail, grocery, travel, and political categories, her successes include Kroger’s Family of Brands, KSL Resorts, Historic Coast Culture, NexGard®, HEARTGARD® Plus, FRONTLINE® Brand Products, and UF Health Proton Therapy Institute. 

As a writer: I’m a foodie, a traveler, a writer, a marketer, and an activist. Like many people, I have experienced great joy, immense tragedy, disappointment, wins, failures, love, and heartbreak. And for most of my life, people have confided in their worst fears, their darkest secrets, and allowed me the honor of bearing witness to their suffering…I think, maybe, because I’m a pretty good listener, with a whole lot of empathy…or maybe because I’m a pretty decent cook who uses food as a way to express my love and healing. Who knows…whatever it is, I’ve taken all of it, good or bad, and processed it, then put it into my writing…more often these days, though, I’m in the kitchen…meditating on what we can do to create greater equity for all.  Although I don’t judge others for their pain, or their life choices, I also won’t put up with bullshit and fakery.

“I am inspired by the divine power in all human beings to create the world they live in.  The only reality is the reality you create through love and appreciation.  The greatest gifts I can offer are joy, love and devotion to my friends, family and students, to see them learn more about their true Self……and a snarky sense of humor.”

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