Social Media: BMor Creative

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BMor Creative is a unique group of design professionals and personal partners in the design process. They with a network of top architects, engineers, contractors, and fellow designers to help transform residential, office, and retail locations in Jacksonville, Florida.

Implement a social media marketing strategy and create a content strategy with continuity across all social platforms, targeting Northeast Florida to increase client’s name recognition and awareness for design services.


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  • Follower counts increased by 26 (160% over goal)
  • Impression volume grew 23.2% on average
  • Engagements grew at an average rate of 86.2% (well above the 20% goal)
  • Engagement rate increased by 51.1% since the beginning of 2019
  • Sold one retail item via Paid Social


  • Follower counts increased by 73 (387% over goal)
  • Impression volume increased an average of 44.1% (nearly double the client’s goal)
  • Engagements grew by 24%
  • Engagement rates were down 13.9% since the beginning of 2019
  • Sold one retail item via organic content/stories


  • Unique visitors increased by 157% YOY 
  • Page Views increased by 215%
  • Followers increased by 21.7% YOY
  • Impression volume grew exponentially: December content received a total of 485 impressions, compared to just 60 in January of this year
  • Engagements increased an average of 57%


  • Conversions continued to increase, ending 103.6% YOY
  • Newsletter subscribers continued to grow by 4.6% YOY
  • Average open rate for email was 33.2%
  • Email open rate is 68.7% above the industry average