Yesterday, I woke up with a smile on because my room did not smell like death in a garbage can, only to have it turn into a bit of a frown when I started to take a shower and had no hot water.  I seemed to be cursed with hotel issues on this trip, in general.  […]


This is Medici’s House, Beeeeyotch!

I think that the area of Tuscany should be renamed Medici – after all this is the family that pretty much owned the whole countryside up until the mid-18th century.  Originally a family who began in the textile trade and founded what is still the world’s oldest operating bank in 1472, the Medici’s rose from being common citizens to […]


Cinque Terre

After being a lazy sack of s**t yesterday, I got up early for a day trip to Cinque Terre – 7am to be exact.  This is the earliest I have had to be up since I arrived in Europe and it sucked arse!  I was grateful for the two-and-a-half hour bus ride there so that I could sleep […]