No more Vins por moi!

Breakfast was served a bit late today; rather I should say I stumbled over to Le Circuit for another cheesy omelet at Noon to be exact.  I have seem to of acquired a wee bit of a hangover from last night.  My intention for a quiet evening in my hotel slurping down a can of […]


La Colline du Chateau

Last night, I went to a restaurant just down the street from my ghetto ass hotel, based on a recommendation from Trip Advisor – Restaurant Nicose Voyageur Nissart (it’s kind of a long time for such a tiny little place, don’t you think?) It was fantastic! I had a sea bass bouillabaisse, lots of delicious […]


Apres Marseille….Nice!

My train leaves for Nice at Noon, so best not to chance anything and schedule to leave the hotel by 10am.  There is a short ride from the subway to the train station, and I already made sure I have plenty of euros.  I want to commend the French (sorry, Chris) because they haven’t screwed […]