Costa Rica

The bugs are getting to me!

Hola!  ¿Qué pasa?  The gardener and I have been working on my Spanish, aren’t you proud? I am also getting quite a tan – I finally look like I may know what the hell I am doing down here, even as I walk around aimlessly through the jungle. I have had several of the tourists ask me if I […]


Hay un raton en la casa!

Buenos from Costa Rica mi amigos!  Yes, I was just here in February – so what.  I hadn’t yet visited this beautiful country during the start of the rainy season, so I had to check out why the locals say it is their favorite time of year.  The weather is averaging a cool 96-degrees, feels like 126, because […]


Back from Costa Rica!

Buenos! Finally getting an update to you all since returning from a wonderfully restorative trip to Costa Rica – all made possible by the very amazing, and beautiful soul, Senora Sherrye (muchas gracias mi amigo).  There is so much to be said for the simple beauty of living by the way of the tides to help […]