Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day: STwholeFU

Yasssss!!!! ALL the way up!! How many more times do people have to be murdered in cold blood before something is done about the hate, fear mongering by the media and our politicians?  ‪#‎PrayforOrlando‬ my ass. Prayers did nothing to stop this shit, prayers will do nothing to help fix the problem. WE THE PEOPLE can DO […]


Back to Reality

Having spent the first part of my life under the assumption that most people are basically “Good,” I’ve decided to live the rest knowing that there are people who are really mouth-breathing-lying-inbred-dog-sucking-shit-fuck-manipulative-you-can’t-trust “Bad”.  So the free ride is over bitches, no more sucking the life out me or my soul any longer. Om, Shanti.