It’s time to take a look around

To those who hold St. Reagan with such high regard on one hand, while at the same time, saying that Obama is singlehandedly destroying ‘MeriCUH (even though it is Congress who can’t seem to do their fucking jobs or get a damn bill passed over these past six years and it was the Supreme Court […]


News Flash: God Made Steve

Yes, this is a little late going up….by a year or so….but who’s counting anyway! After being rear-ended by a UPS semi in July, I am still dealing with the residual pain caused from a herniation in my cervical spine and a concussion because of the severe whiplash.  Concussions do not make for clear thinking […]


Optimism can lead you to Denial

Psychologists debate the topic of “optimism” versus “pessimism” frequently.  Their discussions generally center on the benefits and drawbacks of focusing on one or the other state of mind will either boost or deteriorate your mental health.  Not only have they yet to come to a consensus amongst peers on the matter, some of them can’t […]