Finding True Refuge

“Each time you meet an old emotional pattern with presence, your awakening to truth can deepen. There’s less identification with the self in the story and more ability to rest in the awareness that is witnessing what’s happening. You become more able to abide in compassion, to remember and trust your true home. Rather than […]


Pema Chodron Quote

In her book, Comfortable with Uncertainty, Pema Chodron discusses the importance of humor and openness towards ourselves as we begin the work to undo all of the past agreements we have made in our lives that have caused us suffering. “Learning how to be kind to ourselves is important. When we look into our own […]



Recently, I met my love’s ex-girlfriend who wasn’t just any ex-girlfriend, but a woman that he had considered marrying not too long ago.  She is South African and her work visa expired.  They had been together for a few years and loved one another, so panic set in when they realized that their relationship would […]