PDX Transit

Recent text thread between S and me – he was supposed to take me to a doctor appointment, but Agreement #3 says “Don’t Make Assumptions”.  Well….I assumed he was taking me, once I got home and he assumed he was picking me up from work and taking me to the doctor. S: I’m on my […]


Yin and Yang

Last weekend I woke up groggy from two days straight of all grey clouds with no rain to speak of. What the hell is the point of clouds without rain anyway, I ask?!  Who knows, but it left me dragging ass all damn day. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we had to go to the grocery store. Once […]


Jazz for Jesus

S and I have been trying to explore the city as much as possible since we moved. He’s much better at it than I am, however. He’s still not working – because they want people to have a Masters Degree to qualify for jobs like waiting tables. Wouldn’t your parents be so happy to know […]