Adios Madrid!

Really excited to report I actually woke up at a decent hour today – 11am. The first order of business was Desayunos!  Oh how I love the Spaniard’s idea of breakfast – a chocolate croissant and a café latte loaded with sugar, wheeee!  I got everything loaded up and checked out of the hostal at Noon, then journeyed […]


Feelin Fiiiinnne!

Thanks to Vogue and gay men everywhere, I didn’t wake up until 1pm today! It was so much fun to see people out last night dressed up to impress. I feel like a complete obvious American, as I don’t smoke and everyone here smokes. I keep thinking they will pick up on the fact that […]


Buenos Dias a Madrid!

Jesus Lord in Heaven, after a long ass plane ride and taking the wrong subway line going in the wrong direction (TWICE), I finally made it to my hostel.  I did not figure out the Metro lines for about a half an hour and the only reason I had a clue is because the subway line ended and people […]