I went off to find Montserrat yesterday, since the stupid tour I booked was oversold. I was really looking forward to riding a bus to tour a holy place, do some shopping and then head down the mountain to drink some wine – what better way to praise Jesus than by drinking wine? (The “residents” […]


Ding Dong the Bells!

The frickity frackin bells start ringing around here at 6 bloody AM! While I do realize this place used to be a seminary, key word is USED to, so must they really keep up with ringing the damn bells? Reluctantly, I admit that this little annoyance is a bit of a blessing in disguise though. […]


Arriving in Barcelona

It was an early morning start to get to the airport today. My flight wasn’t until 12:30pm, but the couple from Hungary also staying at the B&B generously offered me a ride to the airport.  They were visiting Portugal on vacation, but he also had to spend two days working in Lisbon at a convention.  […]