Random Rants of Riggs

Photo Credit: Adam Rountree

  1. Germany does not erect statues of, nor name buildings after, Nazis. In fact, they were quick to rename most of these (or tear down statues) shortly after WWII…why? Because when you commit mass atrocities and crimes against humanity that means you shouldn’t get a ribbon, a statue, or memorialized in any way other than to remind people what a giant POS you were…we do this by leaving the concentration camps in which MILLIONS of people were slaughtered intact, intended to serve as a reminder of what we as a society never want to do again
  2. Now, Germany is going through an audit process of streets to rename any that are still associated with the Nazi regime, as well as the colonizers from the 1880s-1890s….why? Because when you commit mass atrocities, you don’t a ribbon, or a street named after you either
  3. Robert E. Lee was once a celebrated officer in the U.S. Army…and then he BETRAYED his country and deserted his post to go fight for the Confederacy…ergo he is a traitor…why are we naming buildings after, or erecting statues of, traitors anyway?
  4. I bet the same dipshits that fly their confederate flags high were also the same ones who were pissed that Kaepernick kneeled for the national anthem…
  5. If you fly the confederate flag high you a.) support the losing side b.) don’t realize that it was a battle flag c.) support the group of insurrectionists who fought to keep people enslaved and d.) are likely a traitor to this country as well
  6. I bet the same dipshits who are all butt hurt about taking down confederate statues celebrated the moment when Saddam Hussein’s statue was toppled in Firdos Square
  7. Our “well-regulated militia” refuses to be regulated….
  8. Every police officer is one arrest away from being a criminal
  9. Also – #BlackLivesSTILLMatter

The End.