Rest in Power, John Lewis

“Too many of us still believe our differences define us, instead of the divine spark that runs through all of human creation”John Robert Lewis

I bawled when I saw the news alert on my phone this morning – to learn the passing of John Lewis late Friday evening. This on the same day as the passing of Rev. C.T. Vivian. Too many of the Freedom Riders are leaving us, as the work enters this critical juncture in our history. Although, I know how proud he has been of a new generation of protestors and freedom fighters, they/we will continue to need guidance from our elders – and we are losing the greats of a generation. 😭 Rest in Power, dear brother. Thank you for your service to this country and your dedication to humanity. May Peace be with you on this journey, and may your lessons in love and humility guide us forward as we continue to be lifted by your legacy.

We who believe in freedom cannot rest….We have much more “good trouble” to get into.