Old Friends

Old Friends By Laura Riggs

Hello Regret.
Hello Sadness.
Hello Anger.
Hello Loathing.
Hello Disgust.
Hello Angst.
Hello Hate.
Hello Disappointment.

It’s been awhile, my Friends.
I’ve been expecting you.
Please, won’t you come in?
Sit down.
Can I get you a drink?
Vodka perhaps.

I’m sorry it’s been so long
since I’ve called any of you.
But, I’m glad you could
Join me tonight for dinner.
Please, tell me how life has
been treating you, as of late.
For I have missed you.

I’ve called you all here as
A matter of great urgency.
I’ve been contacted by the
Depths of Despair.
And they’ve come to
collect their dues.
But I cannot pay the bill.

I was hoping to borrow
from you, my friends.
From your coffers of illusion,
disguising all sorrows,
to veil the agony.
And keep Despair from
entering these hallways.

For if I don’t defend my
Soul, who will?
I’ve been on this field
before, my friends.  And
watched as Despair took over.
All while you hid your faces
in plain sight.  You said
Nothing as they ripped
my heart into pieces.

This time, you will join me
in a performance of love
My hips have been heavy
With sadness. They don’t
Move the way they used to.
They’re too stiff with regret to
Dance, swing, make love.

I’m glad you got out today.
I’m glad you got to see this day.
Too many days are spent inside
Because Despair locked us in.
Maybe I’ll get out tomorrow.
Maybe that’s the end of it, then.
Maybe the time has come
to have Despair meet with Mercy.

When we scratch the wound and give into our addictions we do not allow the wound to heal. But when we instead experience the raw quality of the itch or pain of the wound and do not scratch it, we actually allow the wound to heal.
—Pema Chodron