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Here is a compilation of the recent articles for your enjoyment:

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Making a Good City Great May/Jun ’22 Issue Arbus Magazine

Forging a Bold City, One Sculpture at a Time Mar/Apr ’22 Issue Arbus Magazine

Making a Place for Jacksonville Mar/Apr ’21 Issue Arbus Magazine

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Art of Solidarity Mar/Apr ’21 Issue Arbus Magazine

Yellow House: Art Inside & Out Mar/Apr ’21 Issue Arbus Magazine

The Conversation with Kevin Gay May/Jun ’17 Issue Arbus Magazine

Douglas Arts Grad: Wayne Bennett Jul/Aug ’15 Issue Arbus Magazine

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Willie Moore, III Mar/Apr ’15 Issue Arbus Magazine

Tyveze Littlejohn: Born to Dance Jan/Feb ’15 Issue Arbus Magazine

The Arts Give Us the Opportunity to Grow  Dec ’14/Jan ’15 Issue Arbus Magazine

We All Need Allies September 2014 Issue CityXtra Magazine

An Open Letter To Yoga Teachers March 25, 2013 From

The McYoga Sutras, Chapter 2: The Eight Limbs of McYoga February 29, 2012 From

The McYoga Sutras, Chapter 1: Self-Absorption January 10, 2012 For

The McYoga Sutras, Chapter 1: Self-Absorption January 4, 2012 For

RYT, E-RYT, RYS? BFD! December 13, 2011 For

RYT, E-RYT, RYS? BFD!  December 7, 2011 For

Bio Roast October 7, 2011 For

Top 10 Yoga Blogs of the Week. August 28, 2011 For

How do you Distinguish a Player from a Playboy? August 24, 2011 For

So…..You Want to Date a “Yogi”? A Cautionary Tale.  August 4, 2011 For

Yoga Intoxication June 22, 2011 For

Confessions of a Yoga Festival Rookie June 6, 2011 For