News Flash: Hypocrisy knows no bounds

“The most serious and unaddressed worldwide challenge is the deprivation and abuse of women and girls…largely caused by a false interpretation of carefully selected religious texts and a growing tolerance of violence and warfare, unfortunately following the example set during my lifetime by the United States.” — Jimmy Carter in A Call to Action

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired….I’m tired of being degraded for being strong, I’m tired of girls who are smart being ostracized, I’m tired of being told I’m hysterical/crazy/a bitch when I have feelings or express my views, I’m tired of being talked down to in board rooms, I’m tired of experiencing unwelcome advances from men who think they are in a position of power over me, I’m tired of men who act like they are in a position of power over anyone, I’m tired of how people shame sexual assault victims, and I’m really tired of people enabling the rape culture in our country to continue with dumbass statements like “boys with be boys” and “locker room banter”.


Women have been living with this double standard, with this hypocrisy, with the idea that we must be perfect saints, be twice as smart and work twice as hard as our male counterparts before we are taken seriously, for centuries (of course, that’s only when the mens “allowed” us to go to work). Then, at that critical moment when we rise up, the moment we break through that glass ceiling, the message comes through loud and clear that “you can’t be here” – and the message sadly comes from both men and women, alike.  We are torn down and told we can’t lead, based on superficial shit like our looks, or that we must have cheated to get here, or lied, or stole our way in, because we aren’t “allowed” to have ambition, or be smart, or strong-willed.  By GAWD, who would ever believe that a WOMAN could be better than a man as CEO…or President?!

hy·poc·ri·sy [həˈpäkrəsē/] noun the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense

Hypocrisy = claiming that the news reports of this man’s sexually predatory behavior is some form of “cheating” so that Clinton can win the election, because they were uncovered 3-weeks before the election, while the GOP has been enacting voter suppression laws and gerrymandering districts for decades.  Oh and now his supporters want to win by asking that we Repeal the 19th Amendment…..

Hypocrisy = After working tirelessly to convince the public that we need to enact discriminatory bathroom laws, because you are worried about male sexual predators dressing up as women and assaulting other women, possibly children, in bathrooms, you say you will vote for a man who boasts about actually sexually assaulting women.

Hypocrisy = Voting for a man with two failed marriages, due to infidelity, then boasting of being unfaithful in his third, all while claiming you want to “strengthen the family and respect the sanctity of marriage”, and same-sex marriage needs to be outlawed.

Hypocrisy = well….I’ll let Donald speak for himself on this….

Hypocrisy = Voting for a man with two failed marriages, due to infidelity, then boasting of being unfaithful in his third, then turning around and criticizing a woman who chose to remain in her marriage through her husband’s infidelity because she promised “for better or worse”.

Hypocrisy = claiming that a woman who deleted 33,000 emails is a “crook” and a “liar” and “needs to be in jail”, even though an 18-months investigation has produced no evidence that a crime was committed, yet allowing 22-million emails “lost” by the second Bush Administration (via a private email server run through the RNC) to go unsolved and unpunished. Not to mention, the emails were supposedly found, but have yet to be made public and no one bangs down the doors of justice demanding to read them.

Hypocrisy = I suppose it’s okay because Trump boasted about it….

Hypocrisy = investigating the Benghazi attach on 8 different occasions, to finally determine that there were failures by the administration, as though this is a new phenomenon to the Obama administration or to the Defense Department.  Listening to people whine and bitch and call a woman “Killary”, without considering the historical context of Ronald Reagan’s own Benghazi, which was far more devastating.  During the span of 18-months, there series of attacks on US military and the Embassy in Beirut in 1983.  330 people (262 Americans) were killed and there was one congressional investigation conducted – ONE.  There was no talk of impeaching Reagan and no subpoenas for cabinet staff.  Instead, Congress released a report detailing the failures, and offered suggestions for improvement in the future.

Hypocrisy = And this all happened before Reagan got away scot-free from the Iran-Contra Affair, for simply refusing to declassify certain documents, something that the female candidate for President is apparently not allowed to do, according to the GOP.

Hypocrisy = Voting for a man with two failed marriages, due to infidelity, then boasting of being unfaithful in his third, then turning around and criticizing a woman who chose to remain in her marriage through her husband’s infidelity, yet not criticizing this man’s third wife because she chose to stand by this same man, although he has admittedly been unfaithful to her.

Hypocrisy = Anger over what’s being called a shell game by the Clinton Foundation, a public charity with IRS oversight, which was given an A-rating by Charity Watch and a 4-star (highest) rating by Charity Navigator, while not once ever paying attention to the Trump Foundation’s, a private foundation allowed to operate somewhat in the shadows, has made illegal political campaign contributions and been told to cease all fundraising by the NY Attorney General.

Hypocrisy = insinuating that Hillary Clinton hates America, a woman who has committed her life to serving the public, then showing up at your local Trump campaign rally and listen to a man who boasts about shirking the tax code, not contributing one damn dime to the people or infrastructure that have supported his shitty businesses along the way.

Enough is enough.  Come November 8th (or November 28th if you are a Trump voter), the hypocrisy must end.  Like it or not, we must look at the bigger picture and vote for her.  It is the only adult thing to do.