To Ginnie, With Love

A year ago today, we said goodbye to this sweet baby.  This picture was taken on our last night together.  I’ve missed you every day.  I miss hearing your nails click on the floor as you came running to greet me when I got home.  I miss hearing your tail thump on the floor, as you laid patiently waiting for me to drop some sort of treat on the floor while cooking.  I miss hearing you snore like a freight train at night.  I miss having you jump up on the recliner and snuggle with me while watching movies.  You were loved so much and you loved so much in return.  You had a big heart and a big spirit and I’m not sure the void you left when you died will ever be filled.  Any other dog that comes into our lives will certainly have some big shoes to fill.  I love you, Ginnie girl – I hope you are running free and chasing lots of squirrels, wherever you may be.