To my beautiful and extremely patient mother

I love your sense of humor. I love how thoughtful you are of other people. I love how sensitive you are, how much you care about your children and the world. I love how interdependent you are. I love how you see all points of view in challenging situations. I love how you can call me on my shit without it seeming like you did. I love how you taught me to be softer when handling people’s hearts. I love that you express how you feel. I love how adventurous you are, that you aren’t afraid to try new things or see new places. I love your grace. I love our time together, being serious or being silly, it is all 100% time well spent.

To think of how well you put up with such a precocious and rebellious young child, like myself, who turned into an even more strong-willed (mostly stubborn), independent, self-reliant, rebellious (yea, somethings don’t change) woman, amazes me. I sometimes wonder how in the hell you made it through my teenage years, or my 20s for that matter…I also wonder how I made it through them, too. But, you have always been my champion, even when I failed, especially when I failed, and I thank you. You love my brother and I to the fullest, no matter our triumphs or our faults and I stand in awe of you every, single day.

I am grateful to have you as a mother every day – not just on Mother’s Day – but on this day, I will remember to thank you more often than others, so thank you, Mom.

I love you so.

Mom and I 2013