It’s time to take a look around

To those who hold St. Reagan with such high regard on one hand, while at the same time, saying that Obama is singlehandedly destroying ‘MeriCUH (even though it is Congress who can’t seem to do their fucking jobs or get a damn bill passed over these past six years and it was the Supreme Court who overturned Citizens United, paving the way for companies to buy the candidates that are right for them, not for the people), please be sure that you a.) know your history, b.) your shit doesn’t stink and c.) you have cleaned up your own back yard, first.

Because I’m tired…I’m tired of people saying that Obama is the devil (aren’t we all some days?)….I’m tired of the GOP doing anything and everything they can to bring the country to a halt, simply because they are trying to hide (and not doing a very good job at it) their institutionalized racist, classicist and sexist ideologies….and I’m tired of the Democrats acting like they’re always victims of the GOP (you’re not, so grow up already!). Stop pointing fingers, quit your bitching, participate in the election/voting process and do your jobs, or get out of the way. Of course the system is rigged, but if you aren’t actively working to see it for what it is, participate in it, or change it, then you are as much a part of the problem as the ‘system’.

Stop pretending Obama is the sole reason for your dire existence, because that’s exactly what they want you to believe – the ones who are really running the show…start looking at the bigger picture, start reading up on how shit actually works, and start thinking for yourself for GAWDs sake. Education and activism are the only way that shit is ever going to change.

PS – if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m not big on coddling people’s egos, so if this offends you in anyway, feel free to unfriend or hide me from your news feed. I am a derisive mother fucker when it comes to laziness, stupidity and ill-informed people, it’s just how I roll. This, too, shall pass.