Jesus and Betty

After I parked next to this vehicle and got out, I was assaulted with a plethora of bad window decals.  Immediately, I wondered “Does this mean Jesus loves Betty Boop?” According to the stickers this giant SUV he does…although it kind of looks like maybe he’s just looking down on old Betty and thinking to himself “Jesus knows you a ‘ho, girl”.

Then I start thinking, “Now why would you pair Jesus and Betty Boop together on your vehicle? Exactly what message are you trying to send to us about your personality?”  Maybe Jesus is onto something here….maybe the driver is a ‘ho looking for some salvation…or maybe the driver is just a nimrod with a weird Betty Boop window decal obsession, but didn’t want anyone to think they weren’t a believer, so threw in a window decal of Jesus for good measure before heading out the club on a Friday night.

I’ve learned that people in the South like to throw Jesus into a lot of places where he doesn’t necessarily belong…like government and public schools…at least this person realizes that Jesus loved hanging with the sinners and I’m pretty sure that Betty was a naughty one.  Come to think of it, maybe this window decal lover of Betty Boop and Jesus actually understands more about Jesus than the churches here do!

I just wish I was able to get a picture of the owner of said vehicle – then we might be able to put this mystery to rest once and for all.