Micheal Brown deserves Justice

“Racism oppresses its victims, but also binds the oppressors, who sear their consciences with more and more lies until they become prisoners of those lies. They cannot face the truth of human equality because it reveals the horror of the injustices they commit.” –Alveda King

It’s easy for those of us privileged white people to think that justice and the law is on everyone’s side, but the words “To Protect and Serve” no longer apply to those in the community they represent, and certainly have never really applied in the black and brown communities. Report after report keeps coming through, demonstrating the disparity and discrimination the black community faces within our legal system, so to think that ‘facts’ will actually be communicated in the Michael Brown shooting, or justice will be served, is just naive.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that when white people say black people are “playing the race card”, they actually have no black friends, or at least they don’t have any black friends who would trust their white asses enough to share with them their daily struggles to simply exist on the basic of human levels.

People are outraged and they have every right to be. This investigation has been FUCKED up since the moment that boy was shot…leaving his body uncovered in the middle of the street for hours with no medics, no coroner called, but only additional officers with K-9 units shows complete disregard for life, protocol or procedure. I don’t need an investigative report to tell me that because the report is going to have lies and shades of truth anyway.  All it takes is simple research as to what the policies and procedures are – they are available for public access.

Add to that the fact that the Ferguson Police have racked up at least 10,000 civil rights violations (I’m exaggerating, but not by much) while dealing with protestors, including against those in the media, and it gives you a clearer sense that they aren’t operating with integrity, so why would we would ever think that they can “just give us facts”? The police are telling people (reporters) they will kill them if they come too close – come on! There is a clear issue that not only do Ferguson Police Officers have anger issues, they completely lack discipline.

What Matt Walsh got right in his recent blog post is that we will never know what happened to Michael Brown. That’s because Michael Brown isn’t alive to speak for himself because he is the victim of a homicide.  What Matt Walsh, and a bunch of other people don’t seem to be able to reconcile is that when you put a black man on trial for the crime of being a victim, just as you all did to Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis, it’s fucking heinous and offensive. Regardless of being “justifiable” or not, Officer Wilson needs to answer for his actions. Public outrage will continue until that actually happens and given the 400+ years the black community has been systematically oppressed in our country, their rage is indeed justified.

I bring up James Holmes time and time again as an example of lack of equality within the legal system. Holmes calculated the murder of a dozen people and injured dozens more, yet our legal system seems to show him greater compassion because he is bat-shit fucking crazy, than we do for a high school kid, who allegedly stole some cigars. I don’t give a shit if he shoved a clerk – HE DID NOT MURDER ANYONE, nor did he ever intend to do so, yet time and time again, the media and white people alike seem to think that justifies shooting an unarmed black man…and this is where I take issue with white people for having total lack of value for black and brown lives.

As far as marijuana in his system, so what? An increasing number of states are legalizing marijuana for medicinal use and my home state just legalized for recreational use…the fact that he may/may not have had it in his system is utterly irrelevant. But again, the legal system, and the media, want to criminalize the victim…I’m curious if they would be doing the same thing if that boy had been white? The answer I come back, through historical evidence is no, they would not.  When the victim is white, they show pictures of the victim with their families, or in high school graduation clothing, and no one bats an eye.

But, if it is a black victim, the media either shows images of the victim being a thug and if they don’t, you can damn well bet someone is going to dig up disparaging images of that person to “prove” why this person deserved to die.  We don’t do that to white people.  We don’t go digging for old pictures or evidence showing why someone deserved to die, do we?  No, white people just accept when the victim is white that some sort of tragedy occurred, but when the victim is black, we have to make sure our whiteness reigns supreme.

To those of you who want to sit on the side lines and “wait for the facts to come”, I say this – they aren’t fucking coming. To believe that this investigation is being run with integrity, or even proper procedure, is naive. Even if that Officer feared for his life, he could have tased Michael Brown, but to say lethal force was justified, I don’t think we can agree.  In case you hadn’t noticed, Amnesty International has sent a 12-person delegation to monitor police conduct in Ferguson, for the first time, EVER inside the United States.

If you won’t pay attention to the frequency in which black, unarmed men are murdered by police officers in this country, or the disparity in the legal system, or the disproportionate number of black and brown men in prisons, or the cries of mothers losing their sons, or the disadvantage black youth have when it comes to education, or any of a number of things that you take for granted by having white privilege, at least pay attention to the fact that this unprecedented move by Amnesty International should send a giant signal (like a big, red, neon, flashing sign) to you all that something is seriously FUCKED up in city of Ferguson and it isn’t something that we need a fucking investigation, or team of all white experts, to tell us.

So, white people, stop turning a blind eye to race relations in this country today, and make it stop….