To my Ginnie Girl

To one of my dearest friends and most honorable of sentient beings,

Thank you for being in my life over the past 18 years, but mostly THANK YOU for letting me be your owner for 10 of them. We had a good run, you and I. You have seen more boyfriends and breakups than almost anyone else in my life. You took care me when I was sad, you sat by me when I was sick. You were always there when I failed.

Thank you for all of the wonderful memories you gave me. I will carry them in my heart…always. You were loved by, literally, hundreds of people. You made everyone who ever met you happy. You were one of my best friends and you are the sweetest, kindest dog I have ever known.

Today we say our goodbyes, and I will miss your sweet spirit and beautiful soul, but I know that you running free and shining bright. Until we meet again, my friend.

With my most deepest, humblest of gratitude, I love you, Ginnie girl.