Listen carefully. Look for the Light. by Al Letson

Listen carefully. Look for the Light.
Al, you are a truth-telling genius.

This, The Dark City.

The dark city,
Unheard of

We speak in whispers
Hold our head down
Mumble when spoken to.
And just keep breathing.

When they speak of fire,
It is a distant memory of a lightning strike.
Something that never happens here.

the dark city

So we have heard
So we have told ourselves.
So the self-perpetuating myth.
Becomes reality,
And so this is how we die.
In the dark
In the deep
In the shadows.

The Shadows.

But if there be shadows,

Let there be light.

A blinding burning flame,
That casting those shadows
tall as skyscrapers
And stretched wide 
across the four corners of the community.

And it’s there.

Look for the light.
It burns against the darkness.
And redefines what’s possible.

This is the bold new city of the south
If you are bold enough to be a bold new resident of the city

Look for the light

This is a field of dreams
And if you build it, they will come.

Look for the light.

Cause sun rise is just around the corner
If you wake your ass up to see it.

Look for the light.

For all around us
The fire’s burn
The midnight stands
And time waits for no one.

And if we fight
The city of dark.
And turn to the city
Of light
For all that live in her borders.
Outsiders may ask
where the fire comes from.
Cause all they see is the illumination.

The Fire,
The fire,
The fire is inside
We just have to let it out.

Al Letson