News Flash: God Made Steve

Yes, this is a little late going up….by a year or so….but who’s counting anyway!

After being rear-ended by a UPS semi in July, I am still dealing with the residual pain caused from a herniation in my cervical spine and a concussion because of the severe whiplash.  Concussions do not make for clear thinking or for good writing, so I have been challenged these past few months with not being able to utilize my normal creative outlet.  There have been a few times when I thought I had a moment of clarity and recorded a voice memo to myself to hopefully pry out the details from my consciousness later, but most of them are garbled nonsense.

This week, however, I finally started to feel like my cognitive skills were returning so I thought I might venture into little rant.  On Tuesday, I went to my physical therapy appointment and made the mistake of discussing politics with my therapist.  Now, I should really know better than to talk politics with most people, as I lean heavily to the left – so much so that a recent survey, I participated in, revealed to me that I most likely live in the wrong country all together.  This is why my father and I have come to the decision that we are never allowed to discuss politics with one another EVER again, because we don’t speak for 2-3 years afterward when we do (he obviously leans to the right a little farther than I…)  Anyway, there I was having a conversation with an African American woman about why she wasn’t going to vote to re-elect Obama for another term.

My jaw hit the floor when she told me she would be voting in favor of the GOP platform this November….. I stopped to remind her, in case she forgot, that she is a black W-O-M-A-N.  While I was stunned at her decision, I was also curious as to what would make such a smart, strong, beautiful black woman vote for a dilhole (this is one of my favorite words, by the way, even though it isn’t a real word – I don’t care, I’m using it) like Mittens.  Okay, Mittens isn’t really so bad….he truly is more of a moderate than he has led people to believe….but Paul Ryan?  He’s as much of a wackjob as I am – I just have the good sense not to run for public office!

So you know what her answer was???

“Because God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”  When Obama publicly stated he supported gay marriage, he formally alienated the black evangelical vote.  An entire minority group of people are so hell bent on prohibiting another minority group from being given the same rights that they themselves fought and died for not that long ago.  Of course, she backed up her argument by saying that “she didn’t choose to be black, but that people choose their sexual orientation.”  And I thought my concussion is what had made me stupid….I now realize it is living in a city that encourages this line of wayward thinking.

I tried very hard to maintain my cool, which is really effing hard for me to do most days, and those of you who know me know this to be true.  Regardless of how much yoga I may practice or how much time I spend in meditation, I have a tendency for the dramatic, especially on topics that I am oober passionate about.  Topics like women’s rights, non-discrimination, fair and equal treatment for all….things that many people seem to forget are still issues that get heavily debated and contested across the country because the “majority” would love nothing more than to see most of these rights revoked.

For anyone of color, any woman, any person in a “minority” group to think that this isn’t true – you are mistakenly naïve.  The only reason that any of those groups remain the “minority” is that they haven’t begun to exercise their real power of freedom of speech, freedom to protest, or control the vote.  It all comes down to knowing the facts.

The fact is that according to the Book of Genesis, God made everything.  Those who read and practice the doctrine written in the Bible have been taught that man was made in God’s own image, woman was made from the rib of a man, Noah had an arc that carried all species two by two, you put your left arm and take you left arm out, you put your left arm in, you shake it all about, and after you do the hokey pokey and turn yourself about you will get what it’s all about.

Bottom Line: God made EVERYTHING.  So, according to your Bible, God made Adam, God made Eve, and God made Steve.  God made you and me.  God made Steve in his own image.  God also made you and me in his (or Her) own image.  God’s image is pretty expansive, encompassing more than our small, feeble minds may ever hope to comprehend.  Since I am not a big believer in some old gray haired dude that sits in the clouds and decides who will be black and who will be white, I prefer to think in terms of the Universe.  The Universe is also pretty expansive and encompasses more than our small, feeble minds could ever hope to understand.

So get over yourself already.