Thoughts on [God]….from an Atheist.

Over the weekend we have seen mass killings in the name of religion….in Kenya, Pakistan, Israel, and Russia. To those who have suffered, I offer reverent prayers for healing.

To those of you who kill “in the name of [God]”, I say this:

You walked away from God long ago, my friends….you kill in the name of self-preservation and self-righteousness….you kill in the name of Fear and your narcissistic desire to control others….you kill because you have succumbed to the delusion that you ‘are’ God.

If only for a moment you could set aside your selfish wants and desires and instead place yourself into the selfless service of your fellow man, only then might you begin to taste what “heaven” can be. Heaven has no place for anger, tears or bloodshed, but for a sweetness of mind, a still heart and a soft soul.

Put down your weapons and take accountability your anger – sit with it for awhile, get to know it, and make friends with it. It is this insatiable anger that causes you to suffer, not another religion or another person, rather you create your suffering, namely due to your lack of empathy.

When you can sit with another who does not look like you, think like you, act like you, or pray like you, and are able to maintain peace in your heart and see their divinity, then CELEBRATE, for you have taken the first of many steps on your long journey back Home – back to Source, back to the Divine, back to God.

Note:  I do not pray to a God, but I carry great concern for any of us who suffer in my heart.  I long for the day when human suffering ends, suffering of any kind.  People make the mistake of believing sometimes that I am spiritual, yet I do not believe in a [God] per se.  I believe in kindness, empathy, being free of suffering, serving others, and equal rights/opportunities for all of us.  As Bob Marley once said, “LOVE is my religion”!

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