Bubblegum Pink Uniforms!

So, as I am driving to the gym today, I see this dude in a bubblegum pink t-shirt standing right outside the jail  (no lie, but didn’t get a pic either, damn it!).  Let me back up a minute….I live downtown, about a mile away from the Springfield ‘hood.  Right. By. The. Jail.  In the morning, when I go outside to water my plants on the patio…wearing nutin my under-roos…it is the inmates who see me…in my under-roos, because the patio faces directly towards THE JAIL.

My friend AnDre would remind me at this point in the conversation that I need Jesus.  And then I would ask him, “I wonder if Jesus owned any under-roos anyway.”  At which point he would probably just shake his head and go back to drinking his coffee.

Then I say, “You know, they should make the inmate wear bubblegum pink uniforms.  I bet that would be a deterrent to wanting to end up in jail.  Well, except for that guy, cuz he’d be all ‘Heeeeyyy….pink’s my favorite color and you can’t get a bubblegum pink jumper in the store, so I gotta go to jail to get me one of those!'”

I’m saying all of this out loud, as I’m driving in the car…by myself….either the heat or the stupidity is getting to me down here….and I may need to be rescued soon.  Send donuts, please and thank you.