I am.

By Laura Riggs

So Ham. Ham Sa.
I am Truth. I am That.
I am.

Truth Is.
I am.
All things are Me.

I am Love. I am Loving.
I am Joy. I am Joyful.
I am Happy. I am Happiness.

I am Compassion. I am Compassionate.
I am Kind. I am Kindness.
I am Light. I am Luminous.

I free from anger.
I am letting go of control.
I am free from attachment.
I am free of aversion.

I am free of worry.
I am free to choose.
I am free to love.
I am abundance.

I am Trust. I am Trusting.
I am Free.  I am Freedom.
I am Liberation. I am Liberated.

I am Divine. I am Source.
So Ham. Ham Sa.
I am.