News Flash: Giants Win for Yoga???

Fair warning today – I am on my soapbox.  I read an article on YogaDaily this morning and yelled “W.T.F?!”  so loud this morning, the dog burrowed under the bed, when I saw the tagline under the photo “Giants Win Thanks to Yoga”  Seriously?!  Logic would ask then if this were true, how could the other 45 teams who won their Superbowl rings ever done so without “yoga”?

Fellow “yogis” let me explain something to you about football…..and football players…..the ones who win championships do so because they have athletic talent and grace many of us were not blessed with, they work their asses off at practice, they work as a team, and have they great leadership.  They do not win championships solely because they “practice yoga”.  In essence, “yoga” did nothing to help the Giants win this year’s Superbowl (remember they did beat Patriots before, so I am guessing they know how to achieve their desired results without yoga, too).

A) Yoga is not a team sport – it is an individual practice that allows you to become more connected with your higher power, Source, Self, or God (insert the noun that fits you best here).

B) I have worked with many athletes through my teaching career and for the most part they enjoy “yoga” (aka the physical practice of asana) because it elevates their flexibility which in turn gives them more stamina.

C) The physical practice has NOTHING to do with Yoga – they could achieve the same results from stretching – which is I am guessing how those other 45 teams won Superbowls – they practiced, they stretched, they focused, and they have amazing talent.

Please, please, “yogis” – fortheloveofGAWD – get over yourselves – the Giants deserve credit for their Superbowl win… do not….