Bike Rescue, Call 911!

AnDre and I went to save a bike from certain demise – a cruiser to be exact!  We had seen it decomposing the night before while celebrating my birthday at a restaurant on the beach (and for those of you who know when that is – yes, it has taken me THAT long to write this post…..).  I sent a text to my neighbor the next evening to ask him if he had bolt cutters and if I could borrow his truck.  He didn’t even ask what for – he just said yes – should this concern me?

We made a break for it at 6am the next morning.  Used bolt cutters, a hacksaw, and then finally just beat the shit out of the lock with a hammer.  The bike was freed just as the sun was rising.  We got it into the back of the pickup truck and home safely before my mom awoke.  She was sad to have missed the adventure.

I took her down to the local bike shop – got her all fixed up purty like and now she is ready for the next pub crawl happening in the ‘hood for First Friday.  Can you believe some schmuck didn’t want this beauty???