Norris Anderson (aka The Soloist)

My mom has been telling me or months now about a guy who has the most artistic shopping cart in all of Springfield, yet I never see him.  Then, finally, I was on my way to work the other day when I saw him!  And I didn’t have my camera – bullocks!  Since I knew my mom was still home, I called her and asked her to run down the alley and get a picture of him and his cart.

I already know what you are thinking and yes, I subject my mother to my antics on a daily basis.  Stop judging.  She was eager to scamper down the alley with her trusty camera and Ginnie, in hand, to gain the prized photo we had been anxiously awaiting to obtain for quite some time now.

Norris Anderson introduced himself to my poor mother, gleamed a smile that revealed he only had two teeth left.  Then told her how cute she thought Ginnie was (because how could you not, right?) and then sang the sweet song to Ginnie (“All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”) – they have a date scheduled for this coming Friday.

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