Christmas at Walgreen’s

Hi All!  As you have probably noticed by my silence, things have been quiet in the ‘hood since I have returned home.

I hope you are enjoying your holidays and savoring the last few days of 2011 – since the world is ending in less than six months.  Ginnie had a very Merry Christmas!  She gave us quite a scare last week when she became pretty uncomfortable, started complaining a lot and then began hobbling so badly she couldn’t get into the car to go for a ride (wheee!).  On Thursday, I hauled her ass to the vet to be thoroughly violated, because there was no way that this Christmas was going to be worse than our last one.  The whole way there I told her that she was not allowed to die on me.  $450 and 18 tests later, she is fine, just pulled a back muscle and received some lovely pain killers.  I guess all she really wanted was to be stoned for Christmas.  I love that damn dog.

My Christmas was also very nice this year, spent with family and friends.  As we ALL know, last year sucked arse so badly, so I consider me spending the holiday running an errand to pick up pictures and crap at Walgreen’s an improvement.  The icing on the cake for the afternoon was the date request I received from the fat ol’ red neck waiting for his prescription to be filled.  Nothing gives a girl a self-esteem boost more than when some guy, buying polish to shine up the one tooth still left in his mouth asks for your phone number.  Maybe I should more concerned that I was flattered by the request – this may be an indication as to why I end up dating a-holes in the first place….hmmmm…..

I am also happy to report that my mom in the midst of a bona fide scandal here in Jacksonville.  Okay, that is probably a bit overstated…..the tenant living in their condo IS however….and now that we have discovered the truth, it also explains why he pays his rent with a cashier’s check, which undoubtedly will be late this month….I hope your new year starts off better than this dude’s.

Happy 2012!