High Fashion=High Heels and Fuuuuuhh-Gleeee

I think I have come to that age in life where you just don’t care about being “cool” anymore.  I catch myself saying things like “damn kids” and “the younger generation” and I am not that old!  This causes me to worry about how I will behave when I am 80+ (assuming I make it to that age)…..probably worse than my grandfather, who was, in the kindest of ways, a cantankerous old fart.  Possibly the “high fashion” styles really are just that f-ugly (f***in’ ugly).

Either way, I don’t get it, nor would I be caught dead in something like this….


Considering this guy is much older than me, I am going to go with the latter and hope that I will behave better than my grandfather did when he observed things in the world that didn’t make any sense (those of you that know me are shaking your head right now, I just know it….I love you anyway).  The rumor about Italian women is true, though, they are impeccably dressed and gorgeous.  Even when they aren’t gorgeous they are just beautiful.  Oh and they do indeed wear heels EVERYWHERE they go (as I saw on my hike through Cinque Terre).  Here again, I have moved past the point in my life where an outfit like this would be an acceptable selection for a Sunday afternoon in the piazza….

She rocked it, however, so more power to you, sister!  I just look at that and think “oh my back, my neck – my neck and my back!” (if you haven’t seen Friday yet, get out from under your rock, get high and rent that s**t, yo!)  I wonder if the people here dress so well because the city itself looks like crap-O-la – like Berlin, leftovers from the Communist regime are apparent with the abundant usage of gray paint and boring industrial architecture.

Obviously, I am a bit sassier than yesterday’s post.  I haven’t slept well in several days and I get a little on the crab-ass, walkin’ sideways side – good thing no one has to deal with me but me huh?  I took the train to Lago Iseo yesterday which is an about an hour and a half train ride from Milan.  It is one of the largest, maybe the largest, lakes in Europe and it is quite beautiful.  I have not been able to enjoy it much because it is quite cold and rainy.  I warmed myself with some zuppa (soup) for dinner last night at a restaurant just across the bay from my hotel.  I was going to order water to drink and when the waitress asked, “vini dell cassa o rosso” was flying out of my mouth.  (Now, who said that?!)

I was hoping to hike around the island set on the middle of the lake today, but alas they are calling for more than 2” of rain this afternoon, so I am going to go trade in my hiking shoes for some flippers.  Sun should be out tomorrow, and I will be back to my picture-taking- whore-like ways then.  Until then, I will be hiding in a café drinking too many lattes, working on homework, and writing (hmmmmm…..maybe this is why I don’t  sleep…interesting….)


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