Pet Instructions

My mom and stepdad decided to take a little vacation for the weekend down to Miami.  She asked one of the neighbors to watch my animals, which made me a bit nervous.  Ever since Missy died, I have been a bit on the high anxiety side when it comes to taking care of Ginnie and Bun.  I felt comfortable with leaving the girls while I went gallivanting off to Europe because I how much my mom and stepdad love and care for the girls as much as I do.  So, when my mom alerted me that she had requested her neighbor watch the girls, I was a bit nervous.  My mom was one step ahead of me and had typed up instructions for him, before I even had to ask her – is she awesome or what?!  Of course she is, she is MY MOM!  Anyway – she sent them over to me for approval, I almost peed myself laughing (and also realize that I am a wee bit of a control freak), but I thought I would share them with you – because I think they are utterly adorable (my comments are in italics):

Ginnie goes out – (Laura says she must poop before breakfast). Because I am a control freak and an  a-hole. THEN 1 scoop of food – bowl is in dining room<
Bun – 1 scoop of food – bowl is behind table in kitchen
Minnie – 1 scoop of food – bowl is on deck – she does bad things in the house so she can only come in if you watch her non-stop. I am guessing she stayed out the whole time, and by bad things – she sprays!  She is fixed, she is female and she sprays?!  WTF?

Ginnie goes out.  She might pee, she might not, mostly she will just chase frogs!

6 pm –  and I am pretty sure they can all tell time!! This is true!  You don’t need a clock, they come find you and tell you that it is dinner time all on their own – animals get so little credit for their brilliance.
Ginnie goes out.  She gets 1 scoop of food.
Bun gets 1 spoon of food in fridge.
Minnie gets 1 scoop.

9 pm or so – Ginnie goes out.
* If it is wet out, Ginnie will act like you have beat her!!!  She is such a princess.

** These are “Mom rules” – otherwise, if J wrote the rules, he would make them go into their rooms at night.  They NEVER go into their rooms if we are here alone!!!!  Good thing J isn’t reading this huh? Don’t tell him.


  1. Cynthia

    And Charlotte LOVED the kitties!!! I told him that he could adopt Minnie for her – but, she is still here. I was going to suggest he stay here and have a pajama party with them – but, I thought that might be pushing it!!! If the girls and I are here alone – PAJAMA PARTY!!!!! 🙂

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