Adios Madrid!

Really excited to report I actually woke up at a decent hour today – 11am. The first order of business was Desayunos!  Oh how I love the Spaniard’s idea of breakfast – a chocolate croissant and a café latte loaded with sugar, wheeee!  I got everything loaded up and checked out of the hostal at Noon, then journeyed to the Botanic Gardens and the Museo Thyssen before I had to be at the train station later.

I will spare you the 60 something pictures I took of the Gardens, but I know that some of you are total gardening geeks like me and will appreciate this kind of shite.  If so, please visit my photos page to check out the gorgeous array of botanicals they have been gardening this year.

The Thyssen also had an impressive display of more modern and abstract art – which was a breath of fresh air from all of the God striking down vengeance upon thee art at the Prado (but I still loved it all just the same).  As I was hunting down somewhere for lunch, I stopped to take some pics of how people who live in the city (with no yards) have garage sales.  They just sack all their worthless crap up into sheets, haul down to the sidewalk, and open it up for display in hopes someone will buy their one lonely tennis shoe and other random things they are trying to pawn off onto some pour tourist (aka sucker).


I ended up at an Italian café (in Spain) and sat next to a group of people at lunch who were discussing in half Spanish, half English why they don’t drink anymore, it makes them too slow and it is expensive – valid points, I will agree.  And yet, one of the men proceeded to then discuss for the next hour how to properly prepare THC brownies, cookies, etc.  He also mentioned how a vaporizer works and that he is buying one next week for 400 euros.  Me thinks someone may have a wee bit of a habit?  At 400 euros, I would argue that drinking might be cheaper dude.


Ah to be young (because I am truly a cranky old man disguised in a 30-something body), I just sighed, and headed back to the hostal to grab a few more moments of pink underwear and tight t-shirts before making my way to the train station.


Portugal, here I come! For more Madrid pics, click here.