The Joy of Betrayal

By Laura:
The feeling of asphyxiation began with a rush of pleasure.
As my breath left my body, he charged into my soul
faster and faster, with great intensity.


The adrenalin coursed through my veins and I felt
the high that the illusion of power promises.
Without oxygen, my body releases endorphins in an
effort to give way to a blissful encounter before I
meet the welcome of death.


As his hands close tighter around my throat, the
greater the glory of my ascension to the heavens.
Like the snap of a tree branch in a wild and furious
windstorm, my neck snaps in two.


I met with an end to a beautiful beginning before the
start of a love brand new.
Stuck now in the purgatory of injustice, I await my lover
to avenge his wrongs and bring me back to life.


Yet, it is I who am the dream, the illusion, and the fantasy.
Never did I exist in his world, but only in the recesses
of his soul.


Frightened by the passion, the uncontrollable fervor he
felt, he shoved me from his mind.
In the hopes of keeping his secret, he never told
another of his beastly longings for greed and his
need to posses another’s heart.


He now possesses mine, my soul is lost in his delusion.
Until he speaks the truth of the pain inflicted,
I will never be set free.