Colors of Seeds

By Laura:

The colors that shine in the pale moon light are missed.

The blues that drip down from the night sky and drape
the land like fondant with sweet smells of sex in the darkness
of the back of an old Chevelle.

Undulating the spine without the confines of skin or muscle or
bone but to open up to the sheer orgasm of sunshine
cascading just over the horizon of my heart.

The dawn begins to break fee all of the things I want
but am too afraid to ask for.  I liberate the light to shine
higher and at noon it finds its way to the middle of the sky
in the third eye.

Fear scatters from the corners of mind and
burns to ash in the brilliance of white light.
The sun begins to set while the fondant enwraps the mind.

My voice quiets to a whisper….you want him….no sound now
as darkness swallows the sound into its belly.  As the sugar
digests, it feeds the soul, slowly preparing for the sun to
come again.

Enter seeds of love into the cells where they travel to the
fingertips, toes, trickle into the mind and heart.
The earth’s energy begins to vibrate through…
finding ways to grow the love before<
the seeds die in the cold hard ground.

Vibrant breath creates heat, in the middle of tearing off
your clothes with passion and vigor, to expose sheer joy.
It is the rain we so desperately need to hydrate the desert of
sadness with puddles of ecstasy so that the seeds can grow
strong, lush with love and kindness.

Feed my heart with the water that was wrung out of it, for
it dried up many years ago…..