Rick James’ Bitch is in Jail!

As I had mentioned in a previous post, I was going to explain a bit more about the “cat factory” house.  One of the houses across the street is notorious for breeding feral cats.  They neglect to get any of their cats spayed or neutered, nor do they feed the litter upon litter that are produced within the home.  Usually, when there is an influx of new kitties, many of the neighbors are charged with the responsibility of trapping the cats, taking them to the local shelter where they are spayed or neutered, then their ear is clipped and they are either adopted if they can be, or put back out on the streets if they are too wild.  Not really ideal – but this neighbor doesn’t really seem to care about the burden she is placing on the ‘hood….to quote one of my mom’s favorite words….jackass!

The woman we are speaking of is none other than “Rick James’ Bitch”.  I was speaking to my neighbor across the street the other day about the issue, which he naturally took my side about.  Not because he loves cats, mind you, but because he can’t stand “the Bitch”.  So the neighbor goes on to me that during my last trip to Denver, he had asked her to stop yelling all of the time – “we can hear you honey, we live right next door to you – there is no need to holler as though we are standing three blocks away”.  He said the shouting about not shouting got so impassioned that the woman had one of her friends call the PO-lice.  I believe that Rick James would be ashamed to know that one of his bitches would kowtow to any man, rather than standing her ground, but I guess she got scurred, and needed the waaaahhhhmbulance to come break up their madness.  Once the cops arrived, they quickly defused the situation and told each of them to get their butts back inside their respective homes and start playing nice in the sandbox.  Bad monkeys!  (My mom added that a few hours later, an ambulance screeched up to the house and took someone away – but we’ll get to that in a minute).

Before reading onto the fun part, you may want to grab a piece of paper to draw a diagram in order to keep track of THIS story………A couple of weeks later, when I had returned to JAX, her 19-year-old son arrived on his doorstep begging for $5 in bus fare (since hadn’t been paid yet and needed to get to work).  My neighbor asked the boy if he knew anything about his mother and he (being the neighbor) had an argument recently.  The boy said he hadn’t heard, so the neighbor relayed the story about the cops being called and that we were all sick all the hollering his mother does in the neighborhood.  The boy did tell my neighbor that he was watching over the house and would see to it that his mother quiet down a bit.

A few days after, another woman stopped by – we call her “Crazy Mary” –  and rapped on my neighbor’s door (yes, the poor man gets harassed a lot, but wait until you meet him – it is for his own good, since he is from Boston – go Yankees!). CM wanted to know whether or not my neighbor had seen the boy lately, as he is her younger brother.  Who knew Rick James had so many kids?!  My neighbor said yes, he had since the boy had needed bus fare.  CM said she was trying to move her brother out, since he was living there alone with his 16-year-old girlfriend, and they shouldn’t be living in a cat factory.  So, my neighbor said, “Wait, what about your mother and your father?”  She told him that Rick James’ Bitch was in jail for kicking the crap out her father (who weighs all of 85-pounds soaking wet because the man is dying from Diabetes).  I guess that afternoon after the neighbor and Rick James’ Bitch had words, she wasn’t happy with the outcome and decided to take it out on poor ol’ Rick.  Now she is in jail and he went to the hospital for his injuries….explaining the second ambulance!

I’m tellin’ y’all – watch out for the women in the ‘hood here in JAX – they are some mean angry ol’ ladies.  I, for one, ain’t messin’ with ‘em…..