Hay un raton en la casa!

Buenos from Costa Rica mi amigos!  Yes, I was just here in February – so what.  I hadn’t yet visited this beautiful country during the start of the rainy season, so I had to check out why the locals say it is their favorite time of year.  The weather is averaging a cool 96-degrees, feels like 126, because the humidity hovers around 97% (Although, I am not sure if they are always right.  I checked the current weather conditions one evening at 6:50pm, after the sun went down, and the site said it was currently partly sunny – sunny where?!  Maybe in California, but not in Costa Rica – but hey they both start with a “C” so close enough)

I know many of you have asked what I would do down here by myself for so long, but the time has been passing rather quickly.  The bats keep me busy with eating the cherries from the trees in the back yard.  They drop them on the porch as they fly by, and also drop their dung while they’re at it.  Each morning I sweep the porch up; otherwise it would be covered with ants by the afternoon. It is amazing how quickly things grow, die and decompose, then grow again in the jungle!

The second morning after I arrived, I received a welcoming gift on the stove from the newly resided Senor Mouse.  I described the issue with Sherrye, since it is her place, I will respect her rules as to how to go about dealing with pests.  She kindly told me to say a prayer for him and then kill the F**Ker, in so many words.  Thus, her property manager delivered to me, the next day, two sticky traps.

Senor Mouse is too smart for sticky traps.  He moved the one out from behind the stove, ate the peanut butter I had baited it with, without getting stuck. And then left his thank you card on the kitchen counter and stove this morning.  Bleh!  Just a metaphorical reminder that the world has been shitting on me lately…..I was cleaning up the excrement while waiting as the water warmed up for my morning While I had my head down, the bag of coffee tilted over to land on its side.  The noise literally caused me to jump 4 feet into the air and like a girl (I know, I AM a girl – so what.) – I thought Senor was running across the counter!

Then the next morning, I was greeted by a little scorpion on the stairs.  I thought that he was dead, so left him while I had my moment of sheer terror and scorpions in Costa Rica”.  I needed to know if this little a-hole stung me, would I make it out of here alive?  (The answer in case you all visit, is yes)

I was conversing with a grasshopper at dinner the other night about the situation.  He wanted to commit suicide by candlelight, rather than being eaten by Senor Mouseor escorpion.  I tried to convince him that his life really was worth living, he is here in paradise, alas he jumped into the fire and shot off like a little rocket into the ceiling fan, and was knocked onto the floor on the other side of the room.  Quite impressive – I may not be able to be trusted to be left alone for this long without human interaction………

I was comforted by a brief visit from a cat a nights ago, however.  As I was up the house, I heard a meow – which as of late, I wondered if it was just a figment of my imagination.  I peeked out of the iron bars gating the back door (because people down here like to steal shit!), and there was a skinny little gray cat.  Just letting me know that Missy says hello….I slept well all night.

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