Ahhhh….the sweet smell of Denver!

It was so great to see all of you in Denver.  I am reminded of why the rest of the country thinks we are all one of two types:
1.)  Pot-Smoking Dirty Hippies, or
2.) Horse Riding Cowboys

We seem to live up to our reputation in full force.  Not only do we love our completely state legalized medical marijuana, but we decided to host an expo for it!  In case you hadn’t heard the Kush Expo is happening this month.  A view of from my former condo (sad face) highlights the billboard on Colfax of the Kush Expo – this is why the country thinks we are all actually just idiots, BTW.

If you really want to buy tickets (you know who you are), go to kushexpo.com.

And you really have to love the shopping center on the corner of 8th and Santa Fe that features one-stop shopping for the elitist stoner.  I have to give kudos to the owner of said strip mall – pot, donuts AND Chinese?!  I must have smoked myself into the third level of heaven (or was that Zelda? I forget now….damn side effects…no short term memory).

If this doesn’t have you convinced yet that we may need to realign our priorities, then maybe some lovely photos of the fashion you find people who are so high they can’t properly dress themselves look like…


I wonder if he is going to the Kush Expo?
This is the most high fashion red-neck we have here in these parts!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a picture in time of the guy walking down 13th Street in Denver (because I was driving, talking on my cell, and trying to dig in my purse for my camera, while flipping off CorePower’s Grant Studio – yes the WHOLE studio – as I drove by).  He and Sonic the Hedgehog hair-do and neon green zebra print pants.  Not only did I miss the opportunity then, but he had also served us drinks the night before at El Diablo with sparkly eye shadow.  I had no camera with me – two chances, both failed to achieve launch!  Grrrrr!