“Crazy doesn’t have a Zip Code”

I thought it might be helpful to put a couple of visuals to my post from last week, in reference to my brother’s comment about “Crazy” comes in all sizes, shapes, varieties, and zip codes. Our little tour begins in Ocean Beach, with a lovely woman that we met in alleyway, wearing her robe, green socks, and speaking on her cell phone.  I am sure she and her friend were discussing the latest optimizations in shopping cart organizational technologies (her skills are quite fabulous, wouldn’t you agree?)

Of course, we meet this woman just as I am trying to tell my brother how wonderful it would be to live in OB, and be by the beach, and the community is so interesting.  (He agreed with the interesting part.)  Our next stop was North Park, an up and coming area of San Diego, but we needed to check in with the GPS on the best route to take.  Thus, pulled off the road, to input the info.  Luckily for my brother, should he decide to move there, OB has a bus/auto/golf cart local repair shop.  (We didn’t get to meet the owner of this fine establishment though….but I am guessing he does service for the Hillcrest community members…..)


During my last weekend in SD, we visited Balboa Park, which is such a treasure in the middle of the city!  There are tons of trails to hike, parks to hang out in, museums to tour, and people watching to be had in this small space – it was by far the most scenic hike I have ever been on (as long as you ain’t lookin’ at nature).

In addition to the wonderful scenery, there was lively music being played around the park all afternoon.  So, we didn’t even need our iPods – God Bless the dirty hippies everywhere!