Happy Spring!

Spring has definitely arrived here in Jacksonville.  That means more activity is happening out here in the ‘hood.  I know…..hard to believe right?!  But, the streets have come to life.  People like to be outside in the sunshine when it hits 90-degrees here in early March.  However, they just don’t seem to like to wear shoes.  Now, one would think the cement sidewalk would be too damned hot for such a thing, but there is a woman in the ‘hood who walks to the liquor store down the street everyday without shoes on!

I finally caught the picture of this woman the day I ran over to see the stand that had been set up on 8th and Liberty Street.  My mom had left for an appointment while I stayed home to dutifully send out resumes for jobs posted all over God’s green earth – diligently sending cover letters, and official coorespondence in hopes for some company to finally tell me I am actually qualified to do the job I had been doing for 11 years.  So far, they just keep telling me that I don’t meet those qualifications – apparently I need to show up with a dog and a pony and do some sort of show – or so I hear anyway.

Needless to say, it was a welcome break in my pity party to put on my shoes, grab my camera and get a picture of the newest trend in the former lemonade stands.  There are all sorts of legal and health issues presented to kids these days, that the idea of opening up a lemonade stand will cost the average 8-year-old a hefty amount in legal fees, along with a food service license.  I don’t know about you, but I didn’t get that kind of an allowance as a child, and I am guessing the kids here in Springfield don’t get an allowance period (extra food stamps possibly).  So, I have to give them credit on their creativity!  Instead of Lemonade, they give away what we all can use, no matter who we are or where we come from…..


It was sheer genius on their part, I tell you.  And it is comforting to know that this stand is just a block from my mom’s house, because you just never know when you are going to need 96 rolls of TP – you know??  In fact, it would have come in handy just the other night when my mom and I ran out in the middle of a pouring rain storm to recover the herbs from getting drowned.  It was dark, and as she was running down the stairs of the deck, she yelled out “OH MY GOD, I just stepped on something squishy!”.  Of course, I am thinking, “Great, Ginnie just pooped on the deck. Now that is a way to extend gratitude to those who have been kind enough to open their home to us for the past few months.”

But, my thoughts stopped, and I was relieved as I looked down and saw a rather large dirt clod on the patio.  I picked it up, to toss it into one of the herb pots, but it slipped out of my hands – all the while we are getting soaked through in the warm spring rain.  So, I pick it up again, turn it over to examine it and it is definitely NOT a dirt clod……it is indeed a giant FROG!  I screamed like a school girl, ” I just picked up a frog!”  I threw the poor creature back down onto the cement patio, and then screamed again, “Oh now I think I killed the damn thing!”  Fortunately, he began to hop back under the deck, which is where he lives, and I ran back inside the house, screaming all the way, until I ran my hands under water and scrubbed the frog shit off for a good five mintues.  Then, disinfected my hands with a whole bottle of sanitizer, and I am please to report it has been over a week, and no warts yet.

Signing off with a beautiful picture of the azalea’s in full bloom this week.  Love you all!