Moving Day!

I have two very sad things to report this week, my friends.

The first being that the people next door have been evicted.  And while on the one hand, it has been truly wonderful to have some peace and quiet in the evenings – the sad part is, what in the world will I have to tell you about if there is no more tomfoolery?  I sat on the steps Tuesday afternoon and watched them move their things out.  I find their packing methods to be a bit rudimentary, but I will leave you to your own conclusions – I have attached pictures of the moving day.  Aren’t you so proud that I remembered my damn camera?!  Do you have any idea how hard it was to pretend to be doing nothing but staring at the street and then trying to snap shots of the pile ‘o’ crap when they weren’t looking for fear that Big Mama would come over and kick my skinny rail white ass?!  This took super secret spy ninja skills that should give me temptation to explore the idea of working for the CIA.  But then again – someone would be telling me what to do and I would probably get fired again for telling them their way sucked and I have a more efficient way we could do things that would save the company time and money?  What the government save time and money?!

And even though there will be no more hootin’ and hollorin’ in the place next door – we still have plenty of entertainment from the house across the street with Crazy Mary and her 18 kids and 42 grandkids, and 109 cats comin’ and goin’ at all hours of the day.  Sadly, they must all be hearing impaired because they yell most times in just a normal, civil conversation.  In fact, on Monday morning there was so much commotion afoot – that my poor mother ran out the front door in her robe, waving her hands, yelling over – “Are you guys okay?” “What?” they reply “Are you okay?” she asks again.  “Yeah, why?” they respond.  “Well with all of the yelling that is going on over there, I wasn’t sure – thought maybe someone died” she frets.  All they do is laugh – um, do you know that you don’t have to yell “hello, how are you?” at someone when they are standing right in front of you – this is not proper southern etiquette.  I know this because another neighbor went down on Tuesday to tell them to quiet down, and he was told to “min his bidness”.  Which he did not take to very kindly, and then he proceeded to denounce her and her whole family.  Needless to say the police were called – one car to his house, and one to hers.  They had to be put in timeout.

But I digress…….

Onto the second bit of upsetting news – the mannequin house has been demolished!!!!  Imagine the horror, the sadness, the utter despair when my mom and I drove by to see our most favorite resident’s latest and greatest porch party, only to come across a big pile of dirt.  It is eerie how homes in the ‘hood come down so fast once condemned (not sure why the house was condemned, I thought he was a rather nice person for presenting us with his wonderful imagination, but I guess some little bitty thought otherwise, and off with his head it went!).  One day the house is there, mannequins happily having tea and sandwiches before going off to play a round of golf, and the next day – GONE!  Not even a sign of the foundation gets left.  The efficiency in which people work can sometimes be awe-inspiring, I say.

I am fortunate to be Sherrye’s guest in Costa Rica this week to recover from the loss of such wonderful neighbors and upstanding residents in Springfield.  She has kindly taken me in for some sunshine, surfing, and a bit of yoga on the beach.  I am sure it will help immensely and I have such gratitude for her generosity.